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Getting hold of reliable, affordable, and prompt motor insurance in Dubai can be tricky provided individuals aren’t well-versed with the existing technicalities. However, Savington IIB takes care of all the basic requirements and processes client applications in a seamless and efficient manner; thereby saving time and unnecessary splurges. Moreover, the company even received the Distinction aware for motor and general insurance brokering  which further validates its unmatched credibility.

An Exhaustive Guide to Selecting the Best Motor Insurance in Dubai

For someone looking to purchase motor insurance in Dubai, pricing can certainly be an issue. However, in the subsequent sections we shall cover the intricacies of availing affordable car and vehicle insurance in Dubai besides enlisting the possible third-party service sets on offer followed by the aspects which are covered and which are mostly given a miss by the insurers in general.

That said, before moving any further into this discussion, it is important to understand that in order to avail motor insurance in Dubai, it is necessary to have residence visa pertaining to United Arab Emirates in addition to driving license valid within the country.

For someone looking to zero in on the best motor insurance service in Dubai, it is necessary to understand the difference between a comprehensive one and something that involves third-party liability insurance providers. In case of a comprehensive automobile insurance, every party that’s involved in the mishap gets a substantial cover. However, the premium rates are obviously on the higher side but extend across the acts of vandalism, explosions, theft, and even fire.

Third-party car insurances are highly generic and only cover parties that are affected, including the passengers involved. That said, no cover is available for the person whose car actually causes the accident. Quite fittingly, the premium rates for car or rather automobile insurances like these are substantially lower as compared to the comprehensive ones.

Motor insurance premiums in Dubai are factored based on a host of scenarios, including the age of the person, cost of the vehicle, and his or her driving experience. In case the person is lower than the age of 30, has a costly car, and is relatively new to the world of driving— the premium rates can be outright exorbitant.

While most insurance companies only talk about the on-road coverage, Savington IIB also considers off-road insurance coverage; something that’s almost mandatory to consider in Dubai. There are many off-road factors that can render damage to the concerned vehicle, including the likes of dune bashing and individuals must remain prepared for the same. Apart from that, one must also keep a close look on the overall insurance period followed by the depreciation percentage of the same, in the wake of part-replacements and other factors

In order to select the best insurance policy concerning vehicles, it is necessary to be mindful of the exclusions, especially in regard to Dubai. While in most cases indirect losses aren’t covered, companies also do not cover tire damages in most cases. In case the vehicle has been used for speed racing and other activities, the claim figures are substantially reduced. Moreover, foreign hostilities, naturally occurring disasters, and off-road damages are not usually covered by certain insurance companie

Before purchasing motor insurance in Dubai it is important for a person to consider the growing inclination of the insurance companies towards expats and high-value cars. At present, Dubai is attracting a barrage of foreign nationals and therefore select insurers are designing customer services for precisely catering to each one of them. This is where Savington IIB comes across as a sought-after insurer as the services are precisely catered to the residents and even span across vehicles that are old and comparatively cheaper. That said, the best insurance policy is the one where the concerned company accepts obligations and settles claims, as quickly as possible.

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