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Medical Insurance Policy

Travel/Home/Critical illness

Health Insurance

List of Participating Insurers

If you are looking for DHA compliant insurance, you must have come across the terms PI (Participating Insurance Company) and ...
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How much can I get back if I need to cancel my car insurance in UAE?

Car owners all over UAE are faced with the question of how much are they supposed to be getting back ...
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car accident

Highest deductible/excess in motor insurance in UAE

Every motor insurance customer in UAE is concerned about the deductible or excess that their motor policy contains. It is ...
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Motor Insurance

Depreciation percentage for original spare parts for motor vehicle insurance in UAE

When your vehicle is at the garage for repairs and you wish to have original spare parts fit. The below ...
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Savington team

Why buy insurance from Savington International Insurance Brokers?

We would provide you with the best rate in the market with our award-winning services. You would also be eligible ...
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Insurance broker

Why buy insurance from a broker?

There are more than 60 insurance companies in the UAE, a broker is keeping tabs of the best deals going ...
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